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SumaTech History and Clients

SumaTech Consulting was founded in January 2000 by Mike Frizzell and Brian C. Reinoehl. SumaTech Consulting initially focused on small to medium sized law firms in the downtown DC area that did not have the need or budget for a full time IT staff.

Through word of mouth referrals, SumaTech has since ventured into many other sectors of business including medical, accounting, finance, and consulting. SumaTech also works with the federal government, associations, and non-profits as well. SumaTech is approaching 50 clients that we serve as their dedicated IT support staff.

SumaTech has been providing managed services for small to medium sized firms since 2001.  Managed services involves installing a software protection package on client desktop and servers and then having an enterprise level helpdesk staff provide monitoring and assistance via phone and remote access to the client systems. We have found this method is superior over complete onsite services because it not only saves the client money but provides faster service.  Onsite engineers are always available if an emergency visit is needed.







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